Thursday, June 20, 2013

URGENT | Hundreds besiege leaders to " liberty and justice " and " Brotherhood " at the Luxor Hotel

Hundreds of demonstrators besieged now Secretary of the Freedom and Justice Party in Luxor Ramadan Abdel Hamid, and an official of the Muslim Brotherhood to maintain Muhammad Musa, inside the hotel "Etap" adjacent to the governorate building, with hundreds of people marching in protest against the appointment of Adel Al-Khayat governor of shorter.
Said Medhat Ramadan a protestors, the altercations and clashes between the protesters and the Secretary of liberty and justice as he entered the building to maintain the besieged, and pointed Hameed during which his neck threatening slaughter, which is the latest form of congestion, wait sitters as he left and tried to lethality him, and signed an altercation between him and one of the demonstrators .
A wounded demonstrators were seriously injured during the events and was transferred to the General Hospital, while the successful party secretary and an official in the group entering the hotel security and hunker down designate .


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